Depression Cooking with Clara

You have probably seen YouTube sensation Clara Cannucciari. The 93 year-old grandmother has been posting videos on YouTube about Depresion Cooking for about two years. She’s been featured in AARP Bulletin Today, Good Morning America, wowOwow, and bunch of blogs. Today with the bad economy and more and more people losing their jobs, her recipes (and tales of surviving tough times) have a poignant relevance. And I just find her comforting. Like the grandma I don’t have anymore.

I’ve undergone some belt-tightening lately (though, I’ve been pretty mindful about living below my means since the last economic downturn in 2000), so I gave Clara’s Egg Drop Soup a try.

I had a little vegetable stock on hand, as well as some celery that wasn’t meant much longer for this world, so in they went. The broth was still pretty meh, so I also added a cube of chicken bouillon. All in all, with some bread, it turned in to a fairly tasty and satisfying meal. I’m not suggesting I’d want to eat this way for a month straight (I’m a fan of vegetables and their nutrients), but in tough times, Clara’s recipes can help us put food in our bellies on a budget.

What are you doing to live frugally?

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