Yes, I’m a cat person. I like dogs and even had one as a kid (and sometimes wish a cat was trainable like a dog), but I’m a cat person at heart. This is Lilliput. She may make occasional appearances here.

Picture of cat.
Her glamour pose.

Her past times include watching birds and squirrels from the front window, all-afternoon naps, jumping in to every box that enters my home, drinking from the fish bowl (and only the fish bowl) while leaving the resident fish alone, knocking every single toy I leave out for her under the ottoman, leaping in to the air after feathers on a stick, and racing out the door to the stairs leading to my apartment on the days I am in a rush.

s43001121She also greets me every evening at the door, usually wants to be near people (not necessarily in their lap) but has also been known to spend the entire day sleeping under the bed, and has never met a forgotten roll of paper towels left sitting on a coffee table that didn’t immediately become a toy to rip apart. In these hard economic times, she has sacrificed Fancy Feast for Friskies wet cat food (and seems to prefer the cheaper Friskies). Her greatest enemy is the ironing board.

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