Current Events Campaigns Highlights

Photo of Eric BerkowitzEric Berkowitz, lawyer and author of The Boundaries of Desire: A Century of Good Sex, Bad Laws, and Changing Identities

Freeing Tibet: 50 Years of Struggle, Resilience, and Hope

Jacket image, Hope or HypeHope or Hype: The Obsession with Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises

Knightfall: Knight Ridder and How the Erosion of Newspaper Journalism is Putting Democracy at Risk

Jacket image, Live from JordanLive from Jordan: Letters Home from My Journey Through the Middle East

More Harm Than Good: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Common Treatments and Procedures

The Stem Cell Divide: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Fear Driving the Greatest Scientific, Political, and Religious Debate of Our Time

Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America